Multiple Account Integration

My office uses Dynalist right now for jotting ideas and planning but I also want to use it for some more personal planning. So far, I haven’t found a way to link multiple accounts on the mobile app. I think it would be a great feature so we can have some work-life separation! Thoughts?


Interesting feature request!

Any reason why you don’t want to put them on the same account? Office policy?

Just wanting to keep a better work/life separation, haha. It would also make it easier to keep personal projects on the side and keep backups in case I ever leave.

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I guess the way to do that right now is to log out of your work account and log in again with your person account. Do you mean something more convenient than that? Like saved accounts?

I think it’s less of an issue on my computer where I’m only using it for work but on the phone app, a toggle on the side between accounts would be nice!


Hello. I really need these feature because I’m consultant.
At work I use a dynalist with technology notes.
I do not want my client to see notes about other projects or my life !
And I agree to pay one pro account, but not two.
I use for now two different accounts but it is not usable in apps.
I think it is important to have separate accounts for pro users, because we really need to separate our usages.
Thank you.