Multi-line code blocks


Are you going to merge Piotor’s script in the master branch or come with another solution?


There’s lineNumber options on PowerPack2 that piotr incorporated in


No, it will be difficult to incorporate Powerpack’s code.

If we were going to do it, we’re do it ourselves (not necessarily a dramatically different way, just a way that’s consistent with our current code).


I use Powerpack2 code highlighting - great tool BTW, but I’d also like to modify CSS for inline codes that don’t have any language specified (think poor man’s highlight)

I added the following to Stylish :

.node-inline-code {
    color: #f0f0f0;
    background-color: #c7254e;}

However this messed with with PowerPack’s code highlight, anyone know a trick to make this work; such that my css will only work on codes where no language is specified?

print [i for i in range(10)]’ -> use Stylish CSS
python print [i for i in range(10)]’ -> use PowerPack



Hi, try this .node-inline-code:not(.hljs) { ... }


Thank you @Piotr


This weekend I was working with code snippets and was trying to put them into dynalist. Other than a note field, which didn’t really suit my purpose, I had the same need as you describe here.


Actually, a note field is good for me but I would like to have ‘code field’ with code highlights and which can be handled separately (like search in code fields etc.). Maybe this is the way?