Moving items: is there a way to specify the destination path?

Hi, as far as I can tell, when moving an item using the Move feature, you can only type in the name of the destination node, right?

I’m finding this makes the move feature unusable in cases where I want to move to a node that is a commonly used word. For example, under each of my projects I have a “Notes” node. I often want to move something to the “Notes” node within a specific project. If I hit the “Move” option and then type “Notes” I get an endless list of possible destinations, because not only do I have a Notes node under each project I also regularly say the word “notes” within my other nodes.

What I’d like to be able to do is have some way of typing in the path into the Move window. So, something like: “Projects > Ad Campaigns > Notes”. Is there some way of doing that already or should this be a feature request?


Interesting idea. I try to get around this by using always unique item text, such as “Project 8 notes”.

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Sooner or later, it seems like Dynalist is going to be it’s own OS.

Not right now, but what you described would definitely be nice. Many programming IDEs support this, and I get used to it too.

The only downside I can think of is that it adds load to search, so everything is a tad bit smaller. Should be acceptable though.

Oh and some people might not expect this. For example when they search “coconut tree” they don’t want “coconut” to match a parent and “tree” to match the final destination. A way to counter this would be nice, just like how sometimes you want to search for exact match with quotation marks.

Alright. I’ve already started working around it, for example for my document titles I now put a double colon at the beginning and end of the title ::like this:: so I can move stuff there fast. The little link that takes you to the destination is helpful, I then click that and then drag my node to the place within the document that I want it.

Next step will be to uniquely tag individual places inside documents that I commonly move stuff too.

Should I log this as a feature request or is there already an existing one for it?

Yes please! As far as I know there’s no feature request specifically for this.

I just want any way to “star” or specify certain items at THE item.

Like I have a billion things with the word shopping, but there’s only one item I move them all too. But it’s never the first item in the move search. I wish it was. But how.

Another helpful tool is in OneNote’s move feature. They will show all the toplevel notebooks and you can drill down to the exact spot you want to move something.