Moving an item: specify the path

This is in reference to my thread here:

So the problem is that when I move a node using the Move function and I type in the destination, I am often presented with a huge list of possible destinations and it’s not always easily possible to find the one that I want.

The example I gave was that I have a “Notes” node under all my projects and I have dozens of projects. In addition to that, I write the word “notes” often in other places. All in all the word “notes” shows up hundreds of times in my documents at this point. In this case, trying to move to the exact “notes” node I want is nigh on impossible, I could scroll for ages and still not find it.

My proposed solution is to be able to specify the node path. So maybe if you used the > symbol or something like that it’d specify that you’re typing in a path, and then within the move window you could type something like:

Projects > Ad Campaign > Notes

And in this hypothetical situation, when I type that I will get only one result (assuming I have only one such available path) and be able to move straight to the node I want.