Moving item with links attached to it to another doc breaks links



as title states

Steps to reproduce:

  1. On document A
  2. Write some notes, grab link Y
  3. Write some notes elsewhere, paste link Y somewhere
  4. Move notes with link Y attached to document B

links are broken now, link Y no longer works


Hi @Vincent_Tang, sorry for the digging this up, must have fallen through the cracks back then.

Unfortunately links are not supposed to work after moving to another document. If you want to can add a feature request for preserving the internal links after moving.

Closing this for now! We’re cleaning up bugs before 2018 comes :slight_smile:

Moving a bullet to a new doc breaks its bookmark

This is one that seriously impairs usability of dynalist in a professsional setting.
In rearranging projects and actions, often items get moved to other places.
When these items are linked to, those links are broken after moving the item.
The links should automatically be updated or a link to the new location should automatically be placed where the item was before moving it.
Has this been added to the features list yet?


Agreed, this has become a big problem for me as well. I’m inclined to try merging everything into one document to avoid breaking links when reorganizing in the future. Unfortunately, doing so will break all links except internal ones within whichever document I decide to use as the master document.


I’ve been asking for a fix for this for months and months but it has fallen on deaf ears.