Move while zoomed in doesn't work

Steps to reproduce

  1. Zoom in on an item with sub-items
  2. Activate (edit) the top-level title item
  3. Check the item menu for the Move function
  4. Try the keyboard shortcut for Move

Expected result

Able to move the item I’m currently working on to another document

Actual result

The Move function is not in the menu and the keyboard short-cut doesn’t work. Only the sub-items can be moved. The title item cannot be moved.

In order to move the title element you have zoom out at least one level.


Chromium (SRWare Iron) version 55.0.2900.1 on Windows 7

Additional information

When the title element is the document title I can understand why it can’t be moved. But when zoomed in on an item within a document I expect to able to move it.

Additional comments


Hi @Schultzter, sorry for digging this up :grimacing:! We’re cleaning up the bugs.

Sorry for not replying back then, it must have fallen through the cracks somehow. Now that I look at the bug report, it seems more like a feature request than a bug. Moving the place you’re current on implying changing the entire context (going into another document, essentially), so I’m not sure if everyone expects that to happen.