Move to ... (control+shift+c); Insert item (>>) and Insert note (}})

I have some suggests:

  1. Copy to … (control+shift+c): like Move to … (control+shift+m), but, duplicate item before;
  2. Insert item (>>): insert text, not link, like “[[”
  3. Insert note (}}): insert note text by item

Some cool features to agressive text manipulate.

Sorry my poor english… :frowning:

I like the first. I don’t understand the second. The third is already there, as Shift-Enter by default.

The suggestion 2 consists of inserting a record, in the same way as the operator “[[”, however, instead of inserting a link, the text of the record would be inserted. It would be a kind of autotext: if" >> example … “then” example record text … ".
Suggestion 3 is similar to suggestion 2, but instead of entering the text of the record, the text of the record note would be inserted. This is because you often use the record as a title and the content of the note as text itself.

My biggest question would be why not use a dedicated tool like PhraseExpress?

I mean I can see it works, but these abilities don’t seem like they belong to Dynalist. Like how would appreciate it when your toaster makes you tea, but at the same time totally do not expect it to happen.

I like this too. We’re debating whether we should just add an option to the Move To dialog or add an entire new shortcut… they just seem too similar, so that the user doesn’t need to remember and use yet another shortcut.

I use outliner application (Dynalist, Workflowy, Checkvist …) as text managers (text editors are different, focus on the formal aspect of the text), with reuse of text fragments, some static, others dynamically changed over time. I often need to quote a court decision, a phrase from a book, so the convenience of “>>” inserior the text of the record and not just the link. Applications such as PhraseExpress would require to duplicate the maintenance of text fragments, with worse result for the dynamic data, edited daily in So it is unfeasible. For those who use Dynalist only as a repository of text fragments, a feature like insertion of text from another record may not make sense, but whoever works with complex text construction is very important. You can write entire books only with Dynalist.

@erica actually the ability to copy from the keyboard would be very useful. I use the drag and drop duplicate, but its clumsy some how when your a keyboard person

Yeah, whoever works with complex text and also use Dynalist to store text fragments.

I think that makes it a good candidate for a plugin, rather than part of core Dynalist.