Move nodes up and down with keyboard shortcuts

PROBLEM: I want to organise lists more quickly by being able to move nodes left and right with my keyboard

Proposed solution:
Would be great if I could use a keyboard shortcut to quickly move nodes up and down.

Something like SHIF + CTRL + UP and SHIFT + CTRL + DOWN would work well. Currently you can move nodes left and right but not up and down via the keyboard.

For extra super awesome bonus points it’d be even cooler (but not totally necessary, this is just icing on the cake) if there was also an additional indent/outdent keyboard shortcut mapped to SHIFT + CTRL + LEFT and SHIFT + CTRL + RIGHT. With this shortcut added in, moving things around and organising lists will be SUPER FAST as you can just hold down shift and CTRL and then quickly tap the arrow keys, left, down, right, up, etc to get your current node exactly where you want it to be.

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Have you checked our shortcut list? Do Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down work as you described?

Hey Erica,

Weird, when I first checked the shortcut list and tried that shortcut it didn’t work. I tried again and this time I see I have a mappable shortcut and I can set it up exactly how I like, so we’re all good. Desktop app seems a big buggy though. The keyboard shotcuts I mapped in the web app aren’t porting over to the desktop app. Just now I was pressing TAB to indent and instead of indenting the desktop app started moving the text cursor to different places in the page.

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Preferences aren’t synced in real time I think. Please try restarting the desktop app?

Sounds like you removed the Tab to indent shortcut?

Nope. At the time, the tab shortcut was not removed, and in my web window the tab shortcut was working properly. I was using tab successfully in the web window at exactly the same time. In the desktop app, tab was not tabbing, it was moving the cursor…

Okay, I see.

Is everything working now?

Yep seems to be working now!

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