Move item search pop-up to search local to current document

I notice that the move feature, which permits a search for the destination, searches all documents and presents the search result as a single list. I would like a option to limit that search to the current document only, or perhaps that should be the default and each time the user should click “search other documents” in the popup search window. Example use case: You have a ‘personal’ document and a ‘work’ document. Whilst a co-worker is viewing your screen and you are discussing some items you choose to move an item with the move feature, having it show search results from your ‘personal’ document list is undesirable.

I note that there is the equivalent settings for tags and I think the concept of document local and global is great , but should be applied everywhere.

In a similar manner document local bookmarks would be great, or at least folders for bookmarks.

Results in the same document already have priority in this list – if two items match the search query to the same extent, the result in the same document will appear first. Have you noticed this?

Yes and that’s really good. But it doesn’t mean items from the other document do not appear.