Mouse hover automatically selecting content

Is anybody else experiencing an issue with nodes being automatically selected by hovering over them with a mouse after clicking within a line in the Web app? This started within the past hour or so for me and is not occuring in other applications. It makes editing difficult.

I am using the latest version of Chrome, Windows 10, and have tested with all extensions and StickyKeys disabled. I’ve tried different browsers on different machines with no change. I have double checked all settings and can’t figure out what’s wrong.


Same here I think.

Is it that just moving the mouse selects rows? Like this?

Exactly! At least I’m not the only one. It just started doing this.

Yes at least we know we are not the only ones.

I just realized in my case is worst. I cannot even drag and drop any row. I can drag it but cannot drop it. It seems part of the same “hovering issue”. Do you also have this issue?

You’re right. Dragging and dropping is now broken too :frowning:

Confirmed then. If there are others with same issue hope they jump in here to report it.

Dear all.
I am also experiencing same issue.
I can move an item to other place by keyboard short cut (ctrl+shift+M, ctrl+↑,ctrl+↓) but I can not move by dragging.
Once drag a item, I can’t release it.
That’s too bad. (ノ_・。)

I am having the same issue. Not good

Happening on Safari as well.

Yes, having the same issue with website on Windows 10 / Chrome. Keyboard controls seem to be working OK, but mouse control is broken.

@Erica, @Shida, can you help?

@mdrain @JF @ichikawa @SPB-DSC @shaunp @Craig_Oliver:

A fix is in place and will be out in ~10 minutes. Sorry about that!

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It’s out! The issues should be fixed once you refresh.

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Thank you!

Looks good now. Thanks

Thank you for your quick response.
I confirmed the issue was fixed.


Great to know! Sorry about that, it was an accidental glitch. Thanks for letting us know so that we can fix it before it affects more people!

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Hello, sorry but I don’t think that’s fixed. Noticed that it started happening after a search based on a Bookmarked search result, or actually any Bookmarked item. Don’t know the relation, maybe there isn’t a pattern and was just a coincidence. I need to click on any document on the left side and occasionally it stops doing it. It’s really annoying.

@Fabio_Martins, good catch! I can see it too – when I launch a bookmark from the side menu, I get the auto-selecting behavior. If I select a file from the file menu, it behaves normally. So maybe a workaround for now is to not use bookmarks?

@Erica, @Shida, it looks like the bug is still present when launching a document from the side menu. Can you help?

These issues seem to be related to the file reorder improvements. We examined all the related code and everything should be fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience!

Let us know if the issue persists.