More options for font size

Let me start out by saying again how much Dynlist is awesome. It rocks!

I want to start using it as an outliner for notes used in public speaking. However the font size, even at the largest, is simply not big enough on my tablet. I would really like some additional font sizes, with the largest being perhaps 2.5x to 3x than the current “large”.

Note: I tried to mitigate this by setting my font size in Chrome for Android to a 150%. On my android device, there is an option to hit the little book icon to make the list “view only” (ie, not-editable). When I hit that, it seems that the list ignores this Chrome option and the list items still come out too small. If I set the list as editable, then the list items come out as different sizes, ranging from small to large. Neither way seemed to be a good work around.


I agree with PJ – and I’d also love it if there were a couple smaller font sizes – when I print PDFs from lists even the small font is often too big.

Maybe just allow the user to specify the point size from a dropdown?


point size selection would be ideal… especially if the user could simply type a number as well.

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This sounds like a good idea. Having 10 font sizes to choose from is a difficult task for the average user, too…

Hi. I want to suggest a additional feature about font size.
It would be usefull to control font size web and mobile respectively. I set up medium font size in web, but it is not good in mobile app.

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Related feature request here: Device/app specific font sizes

A workaround is to zoom in or out depending on if you want the text bigger or smaller, since zoom level won’t get synced over to other platforms.

In your case it would mean set font size to the smallest and zoom in a bit on desktop. I hope that helps!

Definitely could use more font options. Though for me, I need smaller font options instead of larger. Maybe two thirds to half as high as the current ‘small’. With an outline, the more information I can get on one screen, the better. On my phone the ‘small’ can be read clearly from across the room.

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It’s hard for us to satisfy everyone’s needs on font options… To perfectly satisfy your needs, and if you don’t mind get your hands dirty with CSS, try our custom CSS feature! It’s a paid feature though.

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Is it possible to have different font sizes for different devices? My iMac, iPad Pro and galaxy note 8 don’t work well with the same font size.

I did like workflowy’s Implementation of a slider that was easily accessible.

Also when I teach from my iPad I need a larger font than when I’m reading.

The closest workaround of that would be a custom CSS that use different font sizes depending on if you’re on a mobile device or not…

Would you like to try that?

Yes please! How would I go about achieving that? I use a 27" 4k imac, a 12.9" iPad Pro and my Note 8 will be replaced with an iPhone X next week.

The Small font on my FHD Android Huawei P9 device is just too big. Would it be possible or hard to code / develop a Smaller one?

I’m not using any CSS and honestly I don’t like the idea of having to adopt this.

I’ve got an IPhone 6 from work and the Small font is a lot smaller than the one from my Android device.

Thanks for listening!


Y’know, a simpler option might just be to allow users to add their own fonts (or just provide more font options). Some fonts are just inherently larger or smaller than others at the same ‘size’.

On a similar note, maybe I can talk someone into allowing users to define their own color schemes? I’d love a ‘Coffee and Cream’ theme. You know, kinda a reverse sepia. With a rich chocolate brownie background and french vanilla ice cream writing on top. … I think I’m hungry.

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And is it possible to have different font-size depeding on the list-level? This would optimize readability I guess. So e.g. top level should be size 16px. Next Level should be 15px and lines more dense.

That’s not possible right now, sorry about that!

It would be great to have an “Extra-Small” font size option. As of now, my Android’s Dynalist “small” font size is comically larger than every other app I use (Simplenote, Sync, Outlook, Instagram, everything)

The font sizes are relative to your android font size, so if you go to Android settings and make that smaller, the dynalist font will shrink accordingly.

Also, Pro Custom CSS can do any font/size/styling/etc

Appreciate the advice. However I am aware of this. My Android font size is set small. And my apps are all adjusted to this. Dynalist seems to be quite a bit larger than the others regardless.

Im not fan of needing the Pro version just to get a reasonable font size on the app.

I also haven’t figured out how to get the CSS to change the android font anyway. body{font-size:0.5em;} only seems to change desktop sizes