More-consistent behavior for hitting `return` in items with uncollapsed children

Suppose you’re at an item which has children items, and the item is expanded so the children items are visible.

If your cursor is at the very end of the item, hitting return will create a new child item at the top of the list of child items. If your cursor is in the middle of the item, hitting return will create a new sibling item.

This different behavior happens even when the only thing after your cursor is a single space.

I usually put dates at the end of items. Sometimes I type them in (e.g. when I know what day of the month I want) and sometimes I use the date picker (when I know something like “next Tuesday”).

That means that some of my items ending in dates have an extra whitespace at the end because the datepicker puts it there automatically, but I don’t know which items this is because there’s no visual cue to the existence of the whitespace. So fairly regularly I think my cursor is at the end of an item but it’s really not, and when I hit return I get a surprising behavior.

There’s a lot of different ways to fix this of course (including me just always hitting end to move my cursor), but I wonder if we can do something like ignore a single whitespace at the end of a line or just always make hitting return create a sibling.