Monthly Updates - Is Desktop App in Sync With New Configuration?


When we had weekly updates the desktop app was normally a couple of days behind the web version. Is that still the case with the monthly releases? Are there changes to the way features are rolled out to web, mobile apps, and desktop?



Hi @Santiago, sorry about the late reply!

Yes, the releases work pretty much the same. We’ll try to remember to release desktop apps after to release for web.

Thanks for bringing this up!

Remember? In my experience These things only happen reliably if scripted, no memory required. Either Make does it or AutoIT or you have a printed sequence of instructions Dynalist sequence for you to follow during release efforts.

Well, maybe “remember” is the wrong word, but basically we don’t want to release desktop app and mobile apps every time after the web version gets a touch up, so they have different scripts. When there have been enough significant changes in the web app, we release the desktop app.

There is a bit of human judgement there, because each desktop app update will make people download the newest version (use their bandwidth) and also bump the version number. But I agree that adding a reminder for desktop app after releasing for web will be a good idea, the reminder would be something along the lines of “is it a good time to release for desktop app now?” with the last release date.