Mobile toolbar - tweaking the node movement buttons

Dear friends,

I work often on the mobile version of Dynalist and I realized that often when I am moving nodes around in an outline (moving up and down, or indenting), that these tasks for manipulating the outline are related. However, on the toolbar, the buttons for indenting, and moving up and down are not side-by-side.

My recommendation is that these buttons for node movement be put together, as they are doing basically the same things, moving nodes around.

Here is what I propose:



Customizable button position might be the solution to this, as I believe everyone has their preferences and we can never satisfy everyone.

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That is a good idea actually. That might even give you a hook for the future for plugins :slight_smile:

This idea I sat on for a long-time, as its not crucial. But since I work extensively on mobile, any shortcomings in the mobile version really stand out to me.

Long-term, mobile is the key to success. Just an opinion :slight_smile:


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