Mobile app stopped syncing

Steps to reproduce

  1. make a note on the mobile app

Expected result

What do you expect to see after carrying out the steps above?
I expect the note to show up on my PC.

Actual result

Instead of the expected result, what happened?
The note (multiple bullets) doesn’t show up on PC. In the mobile app menu, it says it’s “Saved”. On PC, it says it’s “Synced”. Clicking Sync on PC produces no result.


Android, the newest app version. On PC, I use Firefox.

Additional comments

I’ve had issues before, but they normally resolve within 10-20 minutes. It’s now been more than an hour and I’m sitting at my PC, waiting until I can copy the bullet points, which I can’t even do on mobile because I can’t select the text of multiple bullets.

when I experience this, it’s usually a lack of internet connection.
There’s also a “Use Wifi only” setting, and I thought there was an Offline mode though I can’t find it.

Very occasionally there’s a glitch in the sync process .

If you confirm everything is connected, try making a new note and see if that shows up.

You can select text of multiple bullets using the top bar Checkbox (and optionally Lock) option.

Both my phone and my PC are connected to the internet and load every other side/app without problem, and the Use Wifi Only setting is turned off in the app (and anyway, I’m using wifi).

I tried making new bullets, but it had no effect.

Thanks for the tip about the checkbox option! It does seem to select multiple bullets though I’m not sure how to copy the text of them on Android (but I’m sure there’s a tutorial somewhere).

I checked earlier today, and it still wasn’t synced. I checked again just now, and it finally did sync (it took two days!). But this is so nerve wracking that I think I’m going to look for something other than Dynalist. I don’t know how hard it is to fix, but I’ve been having sync issues of various kinds for years and it’s just tiring at this point.

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