Missing Tags in Tag Pane

Steps to reproduce

Click some of the tag in tag pane, can’t see any result in the search, then try adding is: completed and “tag name” to the search, still no results

Expected result

See the items containing tags in either uncompleted or completed items

Actual result

There is no item containing tags in search results


I am using dynalist app in windows 7, version Dynalist 1.1.10.

Additional information

Additional comments

Do you mean “ghost tags” rather than “missing tags”?

The way I understood the title, some tags in a document are not getting counted in the tag pane.

For your issue, can you restart the app and see if that works?

Hi Erica,

The problem is solved, I guess restarting the app made it, it did not come to my mind :).

Thank you for your help.

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