Minor features - arrow signs + "add a word" + student discounts

I have been using dynalist for quite a while for studying and writing summaries as well as taking notes, and I love it! Its simplistic, is always synced online, so data is accessible from multiple devices when needed. However, I do sometimes find minor things could be better.

First of all, it is a minor thing, but is still a thought, is that to add that if you write “->” it turns into an arrow, so it is more pleasing to the eye and looks cleaner.

Second of all, I use the “spell check”-er, and some words that I am really sure are written right or are just pretty specific and are still counted as wrong (for example typing " emotionality " will be with a red line underneath), get a red line underneath, and I cannot do anything about it and it is just there. It is a minor thing, but in my humble opinion it’s the little things that give the perfect shine to the whole concept, like a cherry on top. So maybe a possibility to add words to a spell check dictionary would be amazing.

And last, but not least, is simply to have some kind of student discounts. I do understand that current price is not that high to ask for and developers have probably put a lot of work into this, but as a student, every penny counts and I just can not spend 10 dollars a month for taking notes and making summaries.

All this is just my humble opinion, so whether there is something I maybe misinterpreted or misunderstood, please, let me know!

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If you format in LaTeX $$\rightarrow$$ will give you the arrow you want. There are a couple more examples here that according to the docs, Dynalist supports


That is minus 1 problem from my list! Thank you! It is rather a long version to do an arrow, but it is still a possibility then, so that’s good!

You can use a text replacement tool such as TextExpander/PhraseExpress/AutoHotkey to make a keyboard shortcut for this string.

After looking at the docs I realized that you can also do $$\to$$

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Thanks for the wonderful ideas, @Sabrina_Jiang @pottster!

@Erik_Kikas: if you’re coming from Microsoft Word, I can understand the need. Word does try to auto-correct capitalization and symbols for you. Dynalist is more like a plain text editor (e.g. Notepad) in that regard, so for this, you probably want to use a text replacement tool, which will make your arrow thing (turn “->” to “→”) work not only on Dynalist, but in all programs and websites.

I have to clarify that we have no control over the spell checker. It’s 100% provided by the browser and we’re just enabling it as it is. If you feel a word is correct, just right click on the text with red lines and select “Add to dictionary”.

Thanks for the input, we’ve thought about student discounts and we’ll continue to consider adding that.

Alright, now I do know more and did already the shortcut for the arrow thing. Thank you for the answers!
Have a nice day!

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what about using ➜ unicode characters? i use quite a few in dynalist to make certain notes stand out a bit more. another plus is that they dont expand when you click on an item the way that latex does.


its a fairly basic command in autohotkey as well if you want a quick way of adding them:


that sends an arrow key ➜ every time you press -> and a space after it.
or you can use -. instead which is easier since you dont have to press the shift for the angle bracket


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