Markdown italics (_ vs__)

Is there any way to use the common markdown for italics: italics instead of italics.
The problem is when I export i dont get well the italics.
I don’t know if this could be an optional feature.m


There’s no way built into Dynalist, unfortunately.

One thing you could do is to replace all occurrences of “__” with “_” when you want to import to some other Markdown app.

Alternatively, you can try exporting to HTML, where italics are exported as <i>text</i> and might be processed correctly when importing into other apps.

Really sorry about the inconveniences, I hope the info above helps!

Has this been reconsidered now that Obsidian is out? Being able to write common MD italics that you can directly export without having to do search and replace would be a great feature to have.

Ideally Dynalist would support both *italics*, and _italics_ styles, my preference being the former.

Unfortunately for backward compatibility I don’t think so. It looks like it doesn’t bother our users too, as we have surprisingly never received complaints about this.

We should provide a way to export to proper Markdown though, which should be a separate feature request or bug report.