Make "moved" notice clickable

As my Dynalist grows, I move more and more stuff. Often I want to “follow” that moved item, adding a note here or there.

It would be handy if the “moved” notification that comes up when an item has been moved provided a clickable link to the place where the item is now.

Hi Ruud, could you tag the items with a code so there is a reference and accomplish the same thing?

Interesting idea, we actually considered adding an option called something like “Move and go there” when moving, but gave it up since we don’t want to complicate v1.

@Erica by just hyperlinking the destination you achieve the same thing minus having another option. Cheap & cheerful. “Just” need to add the link, maybe have the pop-in stay 1-2 seconds longer, and stay visible if the mouse if over it.

@Michael_Potter no, the problem isn’t time consuming enough to do that. Now I move and then just go to the right document and drill down.

For background: I have work in a Queue document. When some of these things are done I move the project to the relevant client. There I often will want to update the entry with another title, maybe add a date etc. It depends on what I see in that client view.

I’d go one step further. When an item is moved, I’d prefer it if you automatically went to where it was moved to. You can always ‘back button’ to the origin with one keypress.

This might be my subclinical OCD showing up. I always want to check something is in the right place and doesn’t need any reorganisation in its new location.

I see now what you’re getting at - makes a lot of sense with your use case. Sounds like a doable feature.

This is done, will go out in the next release. The popup will be up there slightly longer (from 3s to 5s), but it won’t always be visible if you have your mouse over it. Not sure if that’s a problem, 5 seconds sound like plenty to me. We’ll see if there are complaints in the future about it disappearing too soon.

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Nice! Thank you!

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