Make internal links searchable by its referred content

When we get a link to a bullet, and the paste it on another bullet, it gets formatted to the linked bullet content.
The URL only appears when the cursor is on the item.

The problem is that the search doesn’t find the formatted text, but only the URL text.

I could use the to create a link, but it slows down the workflow.


You mentioned you could use [] to create a link but it slows down your workflow – in that case [[ is perfect for you! You don’t even need to leave where you are.

For more see Dynalist internal links should be matched when search query matches the title of the item that they link to

I got confused and answered at the other topic :joy: :joy:

The [[ is pretty nice, been using it, and it is one of the thing that made me ditch OneNote. It works a lot better with Dynalist.

The problem with [[ is text consistency.

[[ relies on static text. If I change the text on the linked bullet, it won’t update. Bad search results, bad analysis.

Just want to clarify that, by any means, I have the petulance to school, or demand, or complain. :cold_sweat:

Just want to try to help.

By the way, just read somewhere that Dynalist is a team of two. Very impressive.

Ahh… I replied the other topic and just saw this one.

You have or don’t have? Confused :smile:

I see what you mean. I think I’ve seen this use case before, but the proposal to solve it is different.

Take a look at this feature request: Trello

Does this solve your problem, in a way?

Don’t have!! :joy: English is hard sometimes.

About the trello card, that’s a nice and smart feature. Helps a lot to understand what you’re working on.

But I would keep the suggestions to improve the search.

The way you made the search display is really helpfull. What–I think–it’s lacking is finding more than “what catches the eyes”.

When I link to something outside the scope, outside the document, it’s now part of the scope.

You link and cross-reference better than the competition, but finding the content that comes from using this core feature is hard, because the search catches only the text.

OneNote has a feature to copy links to paragraphs. When you paste this link on another paragraph, it too makes it friendly, but the search finds the friendly text.

Just thought… when you implement WYSIWYG, will the search work differently?

I think I misunderstood what you meant last time.

I guess it’s doable, but unfortunately it’s not high priority right now, we’ll keep track of this improvement! (If you like this feature request too, please like the original post)