Make Calendar, like Make Checklist

I have two requests.

  1. A Calendar doc (perhaps someone has already done this and can share it). The doc has nodes for each month and then subnodes for each day.

  2. A Make Calendar feature for a node, similar to Make Checklist. It would create successive dates (Mon Mar 15, etc.) in the children nodes. I could see this getting complex. But initially I’d like the following subfunctions - Next 7 days, Next 30 days, and Select month, which would allow to user to select a month for generation.

As far as I know, Powerpack (search it on the forum) has this feature. It’s not part of the official Dynalist though, so YMMV. It’s worth trying though.

Sorry but I don’t think this functionality belongs to Dynalist. It’s a niche use case and might confuse those who don’t need it.

We can consider turning it to a plugin once we have a plugin system in the future, so that it’s not part of core Dynalist, but still benefit those who need it.

For now I whipped up this page quickly so you can generate your dates and paste the results into Dynalist:

Erica, thanks! I used your script to generate a calendar for the rest of the year. Please leave it up if you can. I bookmarked it so I can use it to generate a calendar for next year.

It should be up as long as the website hosts it doesn’t get shut down… you could also save the entire page so it will always work.