Make a seperate view/hide checked list items

this would be really handy

what happens a lot of times when I take notes, is I’ll write out an entire list of things that need to be looked at. Its kind of like when you make a database in excel / access, you write down all the items of interest you want first, then narrow down and select which ones matter to you the most


when I’m doing webdevelopment I like to outline these long lists of things ahead of time and then narrow down whcihever items aren’t exactly of interest to me at that moment

This is one example of what my notes look like for ecommerce development

I’m basically using Dynalist sometimes as a really shoddy SQL / database designer since its super easy for me to visualize and enter data

It would be really nice if I could get a seperate “Hide/Checked” items just for list-based items since I have something else i use for the crossout / ctrl+enter bulletpoints