Make a kanban, trello or airtable like board or table based on tags

Make it possible to see items as cards on a kanban board based on defined tags. Moving an item from one column to the next should change which tag it has.

Ideally it should be possible to add items to the board / table with the help of a form. has managed this in a pretty elegant way.

Update 2020.07.02:
Workflowys fractal boards seem very nice.


How come you use Dynalist rather than Notion?

I ask because I feel tempted to switch over and try Notion, but I would rather save time by not doing so. If you could trash talk Notion’s faults that’d be great.

These are the features I can’t live without and that Notion lack:

Keyboard driven interface

In the other hand Notion has this one feature with boards/tables.

My workaround currently is to link to a Airtable tableview from Dynalist

It’s not a like for like comparison.

Notion is a wiki reimagined. Dynalist is list making on steroids. If you like all your stuff in one place, you can embed Dynalist nicely in a Notion page. If you have to make a choice (why?) then, for text based go Dynalist, for media rich go Notion. For simple collaborations go Dynalist, for team collaborations go Notion etc etc

It’s the age old debate about multiple best of breed apps v the convenience of a single environment. Hasn’t stopped some one trick ponies from doing very well indeed nor, on the other hand, SAP from becoming a $30 billion company. A place for both.


I don’t see where to embed a third party webpage (dynalist) in notion. What’s it called? I just see import from workflowy, templates…

EDIT: Ah I found it. + button on the list, then Embed. Wild.

EDIT2: Well this is flippin amazing. I can embed all my useful websites into one page. I’ve been wishing and looking for something like this for a long time. Wow!

EDIT3: I never have to leave notion. It’s my dashboard to everything. Dynalist works perfectly in it. I’ve just ascended to another plane of consciousness.

EDIT4: I guess some sites don’t work. :frowning: Cant get facebook or gmail. Appearently servers can forbid loading in frames in the page headers. Welp, there goes my dreams.


Yup, that was my conundrum when I discovered through these forums.

Ultimately though I went with the best of breed so I’m sticking with Dynalist for my outlining/to-do’ing (GMail for email, etc). is a really cool idea but it still has some quirks and bugs to work out.

Since a lot of my to-do’s and ideas come via GMail it would be nice if Dynalist tied in closer.

Some of the keyboard short-cuts that has would be nice to see in Dynalist, like starting a line with left square bracket then a space makes it a checklist and starting a line with a 1. (one and period) makes it a numbered list.

Also it would be nice if the we could type !tomorrow and other relative dates instead of having to stop typing and fiddle with the date picker.


You can integrate gmail via ifttt or zapier now that the API is released. What sort of integration are you after?

I have it integrated via Integromat, see Add to Inbox via IFTTT - #28 by Schultzter for the gory details.

Well, what I would really want is a menu item, like GMail’s Add to Tasks but instead Add to Dynalist. And synchronization, so when I mark the task done in Dynalist and it will get archived in GMail, and if I put a date on the item in Dynalist it gets snoozed in GMail, and so forth.

For now I use the Dynalist clipper with the email open to add it to my Dynalist Inbox and then I archive it in GMail and muddle around with it in Dynalist.

I don’t know how much of that is possible with the GMail API.

Thinking about it a bit more, I guess the issue is that the to do is not the email, it’s somewhere in the contents, but I need to keep the email easily accessible so once the task is done I can reply to the email. Also, the email might contain reference information.

So it’s like two steps:

  1. Do whatever task(s) are described in the email
  2. Respond to the email that the task(s) are completed

So what i really want is an easy way to create tasks from an email that automatically include a reference to the original email.

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It may be that if your workflow is centered in Gmail the Gmail tasks app could be a better bet than trying to incorporate into Dynalist, at least for now. The new Gmail has some nice enhancements for the tasks app such as drag and drop email to create a task, and sub tasks. Apart from the Gmail side bar, you can access email tasks in a basic web outline view at and also in a separate mobile app.

I was a big user of Google Notebook, too bad they killed it.

Google Tasks and Keep are nice, but they’re pretty basic. Especially compared to something like Dynalist. I would be giving up too much just to get a bit of integration with GMail (and I use that term lightly).

Google could do so much more. Inbox is a nice try, but now that GMail is getting features from Inbox and Inbox is losing features it’s looking like that experiment is coming to an end.

I can’t find this “embed” thing in Notion.

Type / then embed

I like the concept of Notion but find it sufficiently clunky that I would not use it. It is close though.

I would love if a lot of these page types could be inlined. Make a list and have a table below it, and then more notes after.


Same here - this kind of thing is always a bit of a dream, but there’s always something that’s not quite right for me which is why I always come back to things like dynalist / workflowy that put minimal barriers on how I can organise my life - with apps like this I just end up getting frustrated that X doesn’t sync with Y etc etc - there’s always something annoying :slight_smile:

I think this would be a very good feature. Group or show columns based on a tag, bookmarks or search result, however it can be made to work simply.

To start, even if it worked like the mindmap view, i.e. a ready only visual layout and you could.

I use Notion with clients for tracking and organising projects, it’s an amazing product, so is However I keep finding Dynalist ‘just works’ for me personally, it’s speed, simplicity, keyboard shortcuts. I just keep wishing I could get some kind of column layout and would be stoked if it could actually happen!


wow, that’s deep!
because airtable can embed i gather

again how do you embed the dynalist in notion?
some sort of airtable workaround or just place a link to the list and it has to open in a new tab?

If you like all your stuff in one place, you can embed Dynalist nicely in a Notion page.

Check out workflowys fractal boards video here:


This would be amazing - did anything like this ever happen?