Mac/Safari: switching windows via ⌘ + `


On Mac, I use the classic two-button keystroke: Command + ` (backtick)
to switch windows between Safari. For example, when I have a Safari window with multiple tabs, and a second Safari window with other tabs, I use that keystroke to switch from one to the other.
However, when the active tab in one Safari window is my Dynalist data, then Dynalist captures that keystroke and displays the backtick character at the cursor position, and does not allow me to switch to the other window.

Strangely, switching windows using this keystroke works in Firefox.

Is there a way to configure Dynalist to allow that keystroke to switch to another window in Safari?


(Reference page:

Hi @Ken1, sorry for the late reply!

Do you use the Cmd+Backtick shortcut to format code strings? If not, you should be able to remove it from Settings - Keymap.

Another easy one! I do sometimes use `code` but removing the Cmd+Backtick shortcut just means I can’t highlight and change – that’s worth the trade-off for me!

Thank you, Erica!

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Great to hear! :smiley: