Mac desktop app locks (partial sync) when creating multiple new docs

Steps to reproduce

First time I’ve had a serious issue
Restructured my whole Dynalist to split work/home
Involved creating multiple docs and folders and moving items around
When I went to sync (the “infinity” icon) it just looped

Expected result

A quick sync!

Actual result

Stuck in loop (20 mins+)
All other apps working fine
Good internet connectivity on apps and browser
In the end had to Force Quit
Reloaded and items moved to existing folders have synced, new folders have gone, items moved to new folders have gone [tried “Search in all documents”]
NOTE: This means I have lost a large number of items in lists I moved to new folders (including all of my current priority work to-do items). They are no longer on the server when I access via browser (again, can’t see them and search draws a blank) so I am having to restore last nights daily backup if I can. If that works it just means I have wasted a few hours on a Sunday evening. If it doesn’t work I am in big trouble


MacBook Pro 15" 2016, 2.9GHz i7, 16 GB memory
macOS high Sierra Version 10.13.6
Safari 11.1.2
Dynalist 1.1.11

Additional information

I took a quicktime video of it before Force Quitting but it just shows the new structure I’d created (and a few of the missing items), I don’t think it will aid diagnostics

Additional comments

Good news :grinning: - I managed to upload last nights OPML backup (please please add something to your Help Center on restoring backups, it currently delivers a blank when you search for help) and have recovered the lost items
Bad news :frowning_face:- the app and web browser aren’t syncing properly. Adding and changing items works perfectly but docs and folders stay out-of-sync (I have a screen recording I can send you of this happening side-by-side)
Badder news 31-8-18: working fine on web, iOS apps, and Windows app, but Mac app still out of sync. Logged out and back in, no change. Dragged app to trash, downloaded latest, reinstalled, no change.