Losing track of cursor when working in between the (semi)long note text fields (super annoying)

Steps to reproduce

  1. open 2-5+ notes and fill them with a long texts (let’s say atleast A4 length)
  2. open the full view of all notes “alt+n”
  3. at first just click in between the notes
    -especially when you have just one fully visible (to find out the problem sooner)
  4. secondly try to select the text in between the notes
    -again especially when you have just one note text fully visible

The problem is happening mainly when you don’t see the full length of the note (the note is longer than your screen).

Expected result

  • expecting to not lose cursor/focus ever when working on multiple note texts
  • expecting to select the text of the other note fast and without the “jump/fullnote selection effect”
  • expecting to find the cursor in a place i did place him (sometime the cursor ends at the end of the note section for no good reason)

Actual result

  • loosing the track of the cursor when changing (click) the possition from one note section into another (when the note text is long or not fully visible)
  • same when try to select the text in the other note field
  • sometimes the cursor ends up at the end of the note field for no good reason


Windows 10 pro

Additional information

Thanks a lot for repairing this issue. I love the fact I can have all the notes open and work simultaneously on all of them. But with this issue, it’s super annoying (breaking the flow a lot and very often).

Update: Recorded a video, where explaining the issue

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Thanks, the video was super helpful!

I was able to repro the issue on my end. We have tracked this bug on our todo list, and will fix it as soon as we can! Thanks again for letting us know.


Hello there, started to use Dynalist in my new work more again and found out the problem with loosing the cursor in longer text notes still occurs.

Whenever one copy-past a text into the longer note, the view jumps to the start of the note. Very annoying.

Help very appreciated.
Cheers, Marek

Hi! This issue seems related to the one I posted about a few weeks ago, but I didn’t come across it when searching. I would also very much appreciate a fix :grinning: Hopefully two birds can be killed with one stone?

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Yeah, I hope so, thanks for your comment.

Now just hope, the Dynalist priority ToDo is in clearing these grounds stoned functions (imo) :wink:

@Marek @Rachael

We just released a fix and it should be fixed on both the web app and the desktop app. Could you guys please confirm? :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you!!! I can only confirm for the web app though.

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Thanks! That would be enough. The desktop app is on the same version as the web app so it should be fixed there too.

Wow, seems to work great, thanks!

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Hello, did anything changed about copy/past into longer note texts?

The cursor/view is jumping to the start again :frowning:

Very annoying when writing (editing/copy pasting etc.) longer articles.

Thanks beforehand for your concern :wink:

It was broken again at one point, but we should have fixed it after that. Could you confirm?