Looking for "toddler" level resources

Hi All,
Looking through the forum, many of you are very advanced users. I’m considering upgrading to the PRO account and want to get the most out of Dynalist. I understand the basics, have been through all the tutorials, etc.
Is there a resource for information beyond basic, but not the “I program my own apps” level of knowledge? How did you guys get started? I’d like to learn about the available plug-ins and maybe some CSS and how it will help me to be more effective with Dynalist.
What are your favorite sources of information at this level? I’m also interested in resources on use-case scenarios. I’m not sure how to lay out Dynalist to best track multiple projects and tasks and meetings and, and, and.
Thank you in advance for any advice you can share.

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I would suggest growing your list organically. What I mean is that I had used a lot of to-do apps and watched a lot of productivity videos, but in the end I stop using them because they don’t fit me personally. For example, I start my todo just a regular list, and then I find that I need to schedule future events, so I add a schedule list, then I add a today list for everything that needs to be done in a few days. Later, I also add a someday list for things I might want to do in the future and a note list for things I just want to remember. This to-do “system” may seem very simple but it fits me perfectly, and I can always add and remove anything in the future (I’m also using some search function like until:0d, which show anything schedule for today). For the work and larger project it is a bit more complicated, but by following the same logic, I was able to successfully manage the supply up to 8 ships. Hope this gives you some ideas.

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Thanks @KC, good advice. I do tend to over engineer. As a PRO user, do you feel you’re making a good investment with Dynalist? What is your most valuable paid feature?

I definitely feel like I am making a good investment with Dynalist, as I use it on a daily basis both on a personal and professional level, but I do wish they added some features like transclusion and split screen. I’m starting to see other apps have (even their own Obsidian app has those features). I’m having a hard time choosing the most valuable paid feature, so I’m just going to let you know which one I’ll miss a lot if I don’t have them below.

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Thanks for the feedback. Your list has a lot of the things that are pushing me to upgrade.

The turning point for me was setting up a calendar file (search ‘Forever Calendar’). This gives me a daily note where I write details of what I need to get done on any day plus details of meetings, etc. This daily calendar is my main structure and allows me to link to other project notes when needed. Linking to Google calendar then adds a further dimension.
I’m very prone to go searching for the next shiny new thing but the system I describe above always seems to be better (for me) than what’s out there in terms of staying on top of my day and the balls I’m juggling.

@Simon_BI also like this way of organizing. Only difference is I skip the Forever Calandar template as unnecessary. Each day I go to the end, add a date and go from there.

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Maybe not much advice but a little personal experience:

I have now been using Dynalist for six weeks. I work as an electrical engineer but use Dynalist for highly personal use, own memory support, replacing paper and pen.
So far I use Dynalist free. If to get a Pro, it would be for my own money.
Before I started using Dynalist, I have tried several applications but it has only been sporadic, I have not had enough discipline to maintain such a “system”. I use Google Keep for private purposes but I’m uploading some notes to Dynalist.

I actually do not remember how I first found Dynalist but I think it started with a search for alternatives to some applications that are only available for MacOS. What I quickly got hooked on was that Dynalist is both simple and complex. It is very easy and fast to write but at the same time Dynalist is very flexible. I may miss some graphic elements like a horizontal line and some other little things.

After about five weeks where I, according to myself, had been very good at keeping notes, I thought I would look for alternatives to Dynalist. I did not really know what I expected but of approx. 10 applications that I tried, there were some that seemed to have another column. Dynalist has his tree on the left and the notes in the middle / right. Another column I thought would be good.
Now it turned out that the other applications did not have the functionality that I believed / hoped for, but I got the idea to make much better use of folders, subfolders and documents in the tree on the left.

In my tree there is a folder - Work. In that folder I have a folder - Customer1 and in that folder I have documents like Project1.
In the document I write current notes. Over time, these notes assume different “categories”, different paragraphs that deal with different “subjects” as Administration, Substrate, Construction, Delivery, etc.

Here you could consider reorganizing so that Project1 contains subfolders called Administration, Delivery, etc. but I will not have this SO arranged from the beginning and to keep my notes within these.

I think I would like an alternative to indent where I can choose so instead of indentation it will be text in a sub-column instead. Text that is only displayed if the focus is on the associated “head”.
Much like in the tree on the left.

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Hi @Simon_B, Thanks for the feedback. I’m using a calendar list in a very similar way. I have my task list (just the crap I need to do as I can get to it and it keeps growing.) As I complete a task I check it off. At the end of the day I drag those completed tasks to the dated bullet - which also has any notes on meetings or projects worked on that day. I find I have some friction however for projects that run multiple days, which is many of them. I don’t want a calendar for every project, but I want to see all project related notes in one list. Hope that makes sense.