Localized prices


What do you think about localizing your prices for different countries?


We’re too small for this right now, sorry for the disappointment.

I’ve only seen this being implemented for larger companies and more popular apps, at least the size of Dropbox. :confused:

OK, thank you. I wish you to become a big company as soon as possible :smile:

We wish the same. There’s definitely something beautiful about being small though! :four_leaf_clover:

It would be cool to have this option, but understand it’s too hard. I think your pricing is pretty much what a lot of people in the western tech scene would expect and can afford, however in other parts of the world it is more expensive and harder to always justify when there’s other thinks that you need to subscribe to for work life too. Anyway, it’s an amazing product and I’m grateful for the free product you offer. I must keep an eye out for promotions and in the meantime if you guys have any ideas on pricing tiers or ways to support you when the standard price is too high that would be cool

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Thanks for sharing your experience and for being so understanding & positive!