Linking to items with Markdown links using the [[ ]] notation produces expanded Markdown links

Steps to reproduce

  1. I add an “anchor” item that is hyperlinked using a Markdown link that I will reference or link to later using the [] notation (for example Dynalist website)
  2. I later link/cross-reference back to that anchor item in my document using the [] notation.

Expected result

When I add a cross-reference/link to an “anchor” link, the cross-reference/link should just include the text of the anchor link’s title (for example ∞ Dynalist website using my example above).

Actual result

Instead of the cross-reference just including the title of the “anchor” link, it contains the text of the expanded Markdown link, like this:


macOS 10.15.6 using the desktop app (v1.4.1)
Also on Android 10 running the latest version of the mobile app

Will be fixed in the next release.