Link with url stay collapsed during editing

I notice that when a node has a URL in it, and I am editing the node, the URL along with its descriptive text are fully expanded. This makes sense, so I can edit the link. However, the link can be long and it can make it confusing to edit the node (confusing to differentiate where my regular text starts and begins and where the link is).

It would be nice if I could edit the node, and the link remain collapsed unless I move the cursor into the link.

Thank you for considering my suggestion.


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Totally agreed. I now go through the added effort to create and use short urls so the url isn’t too annoying and doesn’t take up a couple of lines.

My workaround is to use the notes feature.

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That’s like Typora’s implementation.

Thanks for the suggestion, I must say it’s not easy to do given the current model (either plain text or rendered) though. Will take a long time even if we decide to implement it. Also we haven’t decided if we want to go with the traditional WYSIWYG method or Typora’s method. They both have their merits.