Link to a note

just as i can link one word to a website
It’ll be gret if I can select a word or words and make them linked to a note - an input box for text pops up and i can put my note for that sentence or word.

That sounds cool. I think that’s called tooltips or comments in other apps. I am envisioning a different paradigm of outliner, where you drill into tooltips of words to collapse a lot of info into an overview sentence. Tooltips in tooltips in tooltips.

For now you can kind of do it in a janky way. You can write your notes in child items, zoom into them to copy the URL, then link the associtated words to them.

Sounds interesting.
Yeah - I think the ability to store more info inside a word or a sentence is very helpful - there is a great markdown editor for Mac OSx called Ulysses - it has such a functionality of inline commenting. I am no longer a Mac osx user so I am still searching for such a feature - there is Write Monkey which is close to it - but non yet as good as Ulysses.
I happily use Dynalist though!