Line breaks removed when copy-paste a note

Steps to reproduce

  1. open the android dynalist app
  2. create an item with a note and some text in the notes (the text should contains line breaks)
  3. copy some part of the note or the whole note
  4. paste the note inside another note

Expected result

The pasted note should have the same text formating as the original note including the same line breaks

Actual result

All the line breaks are removed


Android 6
Dynalist android app (1.3.2: latest version)

Additional Comment

I don’t have this bug when using the website on android (but I would rather use the app).

Today I got the same bug on my laptop using Chrome

I’m having this issue on my laptop using Firefox. It’s really irritating, since I’m trying to write a book in Dynalist.

@tic I tried to repro this but couldn’t. I tried:
Windows 10 + Chrome/Firefox.
Mac + Safari.
Android 9: App (1.3.6), Chrome and Firefox.

@spiffytech Same as above.

Could someone show me what they’re pasting that’s not working using ?
It’d also help a lot if a video clip can be attached.

Problem is not present this afternoon. I will attach a clipboard link + video the next time I see it.

Same here, I tried also on my Android and I didn’t get the bug (though I had it as recently as a couple of days ago).

Thanks! I suspect it may be an issue with different kind of line breaks being pasted, or something in the sorts. Keep me posted.

It’s happening again. Here’s what I get from that clipboard page:

I instructed my ship to fly towards the Jovian intrastellar station. \u{10}Projecting a portal ahead of the bow, my ship ambled through, coming to \u{10}rest a few thousand miles outside the station's shipyard. The station \u{10}was dead still. Half-completed ships stood silently in their berths, as \u{10}did the handful of visiting ships within visual range.\u{10}\u{10}Ordinarily, this is the part where I would send a message via the \u{10}galactic internet asking permission to come aboard and allowing the \u{10}station to project a portal into my ship. Without the internet, I was \u{10}stuck projecting my own portal to the inside of the station. This was \u{10}heavily frowned upon, the same way you wouldn't simply portal into an \u{10}acquaintence's house. But something erie was going on, and I needed \u{10}information.\u{10}\u{10}"Hop on in", I instructed Martha. A progress bar flashed before my eyes \u{10}for a moment as she synced her shipboard self with my cybernetic \u{10}implant, transferring her conciousness to cohabitate my body.\u{10}\u{10}Pulling up a map of the station I had stored in my shipboard computer \u{10}from a previous visit, I picked an arbitrary portal wall in the lobby \u{10}and dialed it into my projector. I could see lights on through the \u{10}portal. The station still had power, but I knew dark energy collectors \u{10}could run unattended for centuries. That kind of simple reliability was a\u{10} crucial part of making my circumgalactic journey possible.\u{10}\u{10}I stepped through the portal, and I saw them.\u{10}

Here’s a video of me cutting from one note and pasting into another.


Ok, that’s something I can work with. Could you also tell me what OS/Browser you’re using?

Firefox 70.0, Mac OS Mojave.

Found the problem. Will be fixed in the next patch. Thanks again for the repro steps!

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