Left pane randomly disappearing

I typically use Dynalist with the left pane always visible. But lately, that has been randomly disappearing, so all I see is the document I’m working on. I know I can click it to see it, but it shuts down as soon as I return to the document, which is annoying. I depend on having the left pane visible all the time, alongside the document I’m working on.
Currently, no matter what I do, I can’t see both at the same time. Is there some way to get it back that way, and to pin it so the left pane stays open? I can’t find anything about this in the help files.

Have you used Dynalist on a smaller screen or increased the width of the files pane recently? I’d like to suggest reducing the width of the files pane to see if it works. It only happens to me when I use Dynalist on my phone.

I’ve tried reducing and widening the browser window but that doesn’t fix it. By files pane do you mean the pane on the left that shows all the folders and documents? If so, I can’t seem to do that. I clicked the edge of it, and I don’t see any horizontal arrow letting me change the width of it.
I’ve only seen this happen on my computer and it happens totally randomly. I’ve also tried shutting down the browser and starting over, no change.
As soon as I click the document text, the left pane disappears.

I just tried reducing the width of the files pane again and managed to reduce it just a little bit. Won’t go any narrower than this.
That didn’t solve the problem. If I click the document text, bang! The files pane is gone.

Your files pane is looking like which one?
SharedScreenshot SharedScreenshot2

The one on the right.

When the files pane is visible, it overlaps the pane where the document text is seen.
If I want to see the document text completely, I have to get rid of the files pane. That happens as soon as I click the document text. If I want to see the files pane, I click the three lines at the top left. That brings out the files pane which hides the left portion of the document.
I can’t see both of them at the same time.

Ok, you are basically using the “mobile” version of Dynalist (for phone, tablet or small screen), I’m not sure how you used it before, but you need to use the web or desktop version of Dynalist. (not the app from the app store, use a web browser instead).

Interesting… I AM looking at it on my web browser. Not on an app.

Did you happen play with the developer tools in your browser (change it to table/phone mode)?

Update: I tried it myself, it didn’t stay in mobile mode once the developer tools exist. Maybe try to clear your browsing data (cookies, cached…).


I don’t see those buttons on my screen. I also don’t see that row of menu items.

I tried it myself, it didn’t stay in mobile mode once the developer tools exist. Maybe try to clear your browsing data (cookies, cached…).

Just cleared my cache, including all cookies and logins. Problem still persists :frowning_face:
Going to try rebooting my computer.

Just rebooted, gotta log into everything all over again. But the problem is still the same.

I’m running out of ideas. Hopefully the developer or someone else can help you with this problem.

I really appreciate your efforts. Hopefully someone will pop into this discussion…

I also just tried logging out and back in again. Still the same problem. I’m on the browser version but it looks like the Dynalist app. It’s got plus and minus signs at the right edge, instead of the left. There’s nothing to click at the beginning of the lines to color code the document text. All of the browser-specific features are gone.

This is not a long-term solution, but have you tried a different browser yet?

Ahh! That worked. I’m seeing it correctly on Chrome, although that’s not my preferred browser (Firefox).

Also, on the Firefox version (which has the problems), I don’t see the usual row of icons at the top right: ‘Synced’, ‘what’s new’, Settings and the three horizontal lines.
Basically, I’ve got the app version running on my browser. I didn’t do anything to switch it. That just happened suddenly on its own.