Larger Image Previews

I can’t get the information that I want from most images, other than knowing that it’s different from another one. It would be nice to be able to load the image fully or have the inline image appear at larger size.

Potential Problems

  • It could look pretty ugly, in the midst of everything.
  • It might cost more? Obviously if it was Pro-only, I wouldn’t mind.
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Hmm that’s not the problem. We can just show the images as bigger.

The problem is mainly that we do not know what each user wants. Some would prefer smaller images, we guessed.

Another power user commented he wanted smaller previews for things like logos, so yeah, it’s more of a preference thing.

What about instead of a yes/no question asking “do you want to display images inline”, we bring more options to the table?

Some options that would seem useful from the feedback we’ve received are:

  • Don’t display (hover for preview)
  • Display inline on the same line with text (small image size)
  • Display on it’s own line (up to 100% width of the document)
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I’m fine with having more options to deal with, because it’d be useful.

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I think it’s a good candidate for Pro!


Someone else brought up this problem again just now… I think we’re going to start bumping up a little. Right now the maximum size is 400x300 px, which is a tad too small.

Going with 1.5x and see how it turns out :slight_smile:

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Update: the size of the preview is now bumped to 1.5x of the original. Hope that helps!

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I would like the ability to have larger inline images; IE display at 100% size up to maybe 800 pixels wide, or at least 600.

Often, my images contain text that is at a normal reading size when I screenshot it (e.g. out of a figure in a paper) and pull it in to Dynalist. Dynalist then shows me the image inline at a smaller size, and I can’t read the text any more.


Vote for large preview on hover over, just like imagus (perhaps with option of turning this on / off).

Oddly enough I tried the imagus chrome extension which offers hover previews of images and this works on some images in dynalist and not others … I really couldn’t figure out why the discrepancy was there … anyone have any ideas / other experiences with imagus?

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ping @Erica

No idea, since I don’t know which images work and which don’t. This would also require one to have knowledge of how the imagus extension works.

If it’s the link preview, maybe always using a link rather than an image link would work? Like use []() but not ![]().

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