How do images work?

It seems that, when I type something like ![palm tree](, I don’t see the picture. Instead, I see a gray box with an icon for an image, which shows the picture on mouseover.

On the other hand, if I open in another browser window, click the image, and drag it into Dynalist, I see the image right there as a bullet point, no mouseover necessary. However, when I refresh the page it disappears.

I’m not sure if this is a bug, but I’m confused about the two different ways of showing images and why the image that displays without mouseover disappears on refresh. Also, the image-dragging I described shows the image if I drag from Chrome to Chrome, Firefox to Firefox, or Chrome to Firefox, but if I drag from Firefox to Chrome it instead shows some html like <�img src="" alt="" class="transparent">

In most cases, I would like the image to appear right there in Dynalist, without needed to mouseover to view it. Is this possible?

I read and Larger Image Previews, but I’m pretty confused about what’s going on. I see people discussing “image previews” and “inline images”, but I don’t know what the precise definitions of those are, so I’m unclear on when people are talking about being able to see the image without mouseover.

I know there’s a separate thing for hosting images on Dynalist, but here I’m just asking about images for which I have an external URL and want to display it in Dynalist.

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I believe this is browser’s default behavior that we didn’t prevent. It’s not intended by us.

Preview on mouseover is the default way to display images right now. If you want images to appear inline, check the Settings - Appearance - “Display images inline” option.

I’m curious why you’re using the palm tree as an example image :smile:


Ohhh, wow that helps a lot, thanks!

Palm tree was just cause I had it easily at hand!

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Ah, that’s why! Hehe.

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