Keyboard shortcuts not processed when filter textbox has focus

Steps to reproduce

  1. Click an item and then hit Cmd-O, observe quick open window is shown
  2. Click into the filter textbox and hit Cmd-O, observe default browser File Open dialog is shown

Expected result

DL handles all expected keyboard shortcuts regardless of which part of the app has focus.

Actual result

Only browser recognizes keyboard shortcuts.


Firefox 57.0, macOS 10.13.1

Additional information

I first thought this bug was only about filter and Show/Hide completed items toggle, where this bug burns me daily. I.e.,

  1. Have completed items hidden
  2. Enter filter query that I know has a completed item results
  3. No results observed, as expected
  4. Hit keyboard shortcut to toggle showing hidden items, but nothing happens. Have to manually hit icon, or get out of filter textbox.

But now I realize all (or at least most) shortcuts don’t work while textbox has focus (except for Esc I guess). E.g., notes toggle (Cmd-Shift-N for me) reopens last closed window etc.

Additional comments

Workflowy has no problem responding to keyboard shortcuts in its filter box, can you please copy its behavior? Here’s me hitting Cmd-O (which is its show/hide toggle) while in textbox.

@Shida Shortcut scope bug. Could you take a look at this? We might want to change the scope of some shortcuts from editor scope to global scope.

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It’s slightly more complicated than that. Global scope means it’ll work with anything, including file-renaming and in any modals that’s shown on top of the interface. Might need to go through the scopes we have and sort them out one by one.



Could you confirm if it’s fixed? Thanks in advance!

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Works great now, I saw this in this week’s release notes and was very happy for it.

Unfortunately, one most recent update also wiped out all of my keyboard shortcuts, reset them back to defaults. I’ve been too busy to see if anyone else reported that issue. I think maybe adding the 2 new shortcuts for toggle note/completed globally did it. I already restored most, so probably not worth reporting, but I hope that doesn’t happen again, as the settings are not possible to back up and then restore in case of something like this.

Didn’t have to me, I had around 5 shortcuts customized. Also I believe the shortcut customization system shouldn’t wipe out any existing customization from adding new, empty shortcuts. A few shortcuts have been added during the past few months (duplicate item, go to parent, etc.), and haven’t heard of this issue.

Are you using the desktop app or the web app? Is it possible that under a certain scenario the local settings got wiped somehow? :thinking:

We surely hope it doesn’t happen again either.

Web app using Firefox v58. You know, at one point the browser loaded strangely, and all add-ons were disabled (maybe safe mode was accidentally activated?) So PowerPack was off, etc.

However, since the keyboard shortcut preferences are stored on the server, would that have affected them? Which ones are the “local settings” that you reference?

I could try forcing FF to launch in safe mode again to try to repro this, but I don’t really want to reproduce that and have to set up everything yet again :slight_smile:

I don’t think so. Shortcut customization is part of preferences, which is not local. Only things like which pane was active are local.

Did you notice if any other preferences, like themes and font options, got reverted to default as well?

I can try reproing that since I only have a few shortcuts that are easy to restore.

So do I just log in to Dynalist in Firefox Safe Mode?

Sorry didn’t mention that, but yes, theme and fonts were also reverted then (that was the “etc.” part :slight_smile:)

It’s worth trying, since you’re able to.

Btw, I was doing this to try to repro that other issue with the date picker, where we thought some add-on might be slowing rendering, but I’m not going to try that again, except maybe disabling one by one. Will instead see if I can repro with another browser.

Sorry for the delay!

I tried restarting Firefox in Safe Mode and logging in. Settings like theme and shortcut customization s remained untouched.

This might relate to this bug report:

Unfortunately we haven’t collected enough info on how to repro it. Could be some edge case that’s hard to pinpoint.

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Yes, this does seem quite possibly related to this. Then it came back online and saved at least some of those defaults on top of my online ones, like key mappings? I didn’t lose all my customization though, e.g., date format stayed.

This reset only happened once, so I won’t be offended if you ignore that issue to focus on higher priority. But an “import/export” settings or a settings backup (to Dropbox etc.) would be great fixes for this, just in case it happens again.

I see, sounds like it’s definitely related to that bug. We have pinpointed the issue and will update over there. Thanks for the follow-up!

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