Keyboard shortcut to duplicate item

I have some Template items. I would like to duplicate an item quickly. It will be good to have a keyboard shortcut to do this for me.


Interesting idea. You’re aware that you can duplicate by dragging while holding Ctrl, right?

Yes, I know it. But for the Ctrl+drag method, I must use the mouse, and I cannot just duplicate the item exactly under/above the current item. I must first create an empty item to let me duplicate it.

One of the use cases is, I can combine “Duplicate” and “Move to” to accomplish “Move a copy to”, which is quite useful for me to maintain the lists.


It seems a little awkward that you can’t drag a copy to somewhere between items, but have to make an empty item first to drag into.

You can drag a copy to somewhere between items, it’s just going to be on the same level. No new level will be created.

Is that what you’re seeing as well?

As I CRLT-drag, I see either the :no_entry_sign: or an insert cursor “|” which then places a copy of the item inside another item.

Sorry above I meant Ctrl+Drag the bullet, not the text.

Got that now. I’m dealing with my Workflowy muscle memory in learning these new ropes.

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Is it tracked somewhere by you, @Erica ? I found trello roadmap, but I don’t see it there. I’d suggest as a default shortcuts ctrl+d for duplicating only active item, and shift+ctrl+d to duplicate item and its content. In both situations without need to highlight item, so it can be fast like with “mark as done” - cursor in item is enough to indicate which item should be duplicated.

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No, but you can add it here: What actions would you like to have a custom shortcut for?

(Jumps in) Duplicate on mobile would be amazing too :slight_smile: (jumps out)

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This was market as Implemented but I cannot find an easy way to duplicate items without using the cursor. A plain shortcut while being on an active item should be implemented. It would be very handy

It requires a Pro account, then can be found in Settings > Keymap

Alternatively, you can press cmd-A twice, cmd-C, down arrow, cmd-V. That should give you a duplicate without a mouse.