What actions would you like to have a custom shortcut for?

Toggle hidden/completed


Article vs Normal View

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That can be done with Alt+C on Windows. Are you on a Mac?

Where can I upvote this feature (Ctrl+Shift+D to duplicate item) :smiley:

Here: Keyboard shortcut to duplicate item

Strikethrough (perhaps some variant that includes ~)


I’d love to have ‘Go to the root of the whole document’. IE the beginning of the highest node in the document.

Interesting, first time I’ve heard about this one. What’s your use case for this?

Can I say that one use would be when wanting to search the document. If you are zoomed in, currently you need to find a way to quickly zoom out to the top in order to do a full document search.

Not sure I understand what you mean. Are you replying to @Nicholas_Mapstone’s comment?

Yes, another case for this “go to root of document” shortcut is when needing to navigate to another section of the document, especially after having zoomed in.

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Got it, that makes more sense when read in combination with his comment. Thanks for the explanation!

Yes, what he said.

It’s all about orientation. When I’m down in a subtree somewhere I often have no real idea where I am (I know I can look at the tree at the top of the page, but that involves thinking about it). With a 1 click move to the top node of a document I’m suddenly back somewhere rock solid and know exactly how to do whatever I want from there.


Insert Link.

Some apps just ctrl K, which automatically inserts []() and moves the cursor in between the brackets.

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Alt+C does not toggle completed items in Firefox 70 on Windows. Whereas Ctrl+O in Workflowy does and it helps greatly, because I can focus on content with both hands without reaching for the mouse (to click on EYE icon) every now and then. Erica, would you mind adding proper keyboard shortcut as well?

That was from 2 years ago.

This is the newest info on Dynalist shortcuts:

There’s no longer a built-in shortcut for toggling the visibility of checked items, but you can customize it.

Shortcut customization is available for paid users only, right?
So I am unable to do that, because I’m trying out Dynalist as a free user.
Please, add some shortcut to toggle completed items available for all users.

Alt+C was interfering with people who use keyboard layouts like German keyboards. You can refer to this blog post for more info: https://blog.dynalist.io/shortcut-changes/

It’s fine that you’re using all the features for free, but unfortunately we can’t accommodate everyone. It’s not sustainable that way either.

For now, it’s possible to toggle checked items in the free version, it just takes more steps, which I think is fair. Also, if I remember correctly this is the first time we’ve heard this request after removing it, so unfortunately I don’t think it’s a popular request despite you would find it useful. Sorry!

If you’d like to try out Dynalist Pro, we’re happy to provide a free trial and you can see for yourself if the time saving and productivity boost is worth the price.

June, 2020. Still using Workflowy instead of Dynalist because developers like Erica still do not grasp which features any decent outliner should have out of the box for free. What is an outliner in its core? Hierarchy of bullets and lines, crossed out and not. So switching between states (completed, not completed) is a crucial thing. Workflowy grasped that from the day one and introduced Ctrl+O shortcut which works for the most layouts and browsers from the day one, whereas Dynalist provides bunch of shortcuts for bells & whistles like color labeling, but neglects to fulfill one of the basic expectations which is switching states via keyboard.