Item takes an extra line when checkbox is present - Webapp

Thanks for recent fix on mobile. Unfortunately, I’m still getting a problem with an item taking an extra line when checkbox is present if View as article is selected in browser and webapp.

Win10 (v.1607)
Chrome (v.58)
Dynalist (v.1.0.31)

Is it still broken on the latest web version?

Yes. Both in the browser and the Webapp v. 1.0.31.

I tried the same font and also used “View as article” but still can’t replicate the problem.


When was the last time you refreshed?

Hi Erica. Still have the problem but it just occurred to me, have you tried setting list density to “Comfortable” to replicate?

It does happen with article view + comfortable setting. That must be why it’s hard to discover, thanks for letting us know!

You’re welcome. It’s rewarding when you get to the bottom of things :smiley:

Hi @pottster, sorry for digging this up :grimacing:! We’re cleaning up the bugs and would like to know if the bug is still happening to you? If not we’ll close this bug :slight_smile:

From quick testing it seems to be fixed on my end.

Hi Erica,

Yes, it appears to be resolved from my side too.

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