Is it possible to keep the original edit time info when converting from an item into a document?

Recently, I am trying to divide a large document into several smaller ones. However, I found that when converting an item into a document, the edit time info of the children items will also change.

The “Created at…” info will remain the same, which is the desired behaviour, but the “last edited at…” will be updated to the time when this new document is created. Is there a method to prevent this from happening? I mean, is it possible to not update “last edited at…” since no children items are actually edited?

It turns out that the same thing would happen if one merges a document into another one. The edit time info of all the items within the merged document will also be updated.

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I see, that makes sense.

Should we consider this a bug? @Shida When an item gets moved inside a document, the edited timestamp doesn’t update, so we should do the same for inter-document moves. Especially now that we’ve already made the effort to preserve created timestamps.

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Yup we should try to do that.


Hi, is there any update on this? I am waiting for this to be fixed so that I can start to convert my huge document into several smaller ones. :grinning:

With the current size of my document, the desktop version of Dynalist is very slow. However, the browser version is much faster. Nevertheless, I am still more comfortable working on the desktop version.

Thanks for your great work on continuously improving Dynalist!

Checking on this again… Please let me know if you have any plan on this.