iPad OS Back and Forward Buttons

When I have linked to other Dynalist content from a document; clicking that link takes me to the content, but it’s often difficult to get back (when on mobile).

Currently, this feature already exists on desktop, so it would be a case of having feature parity.

I would want this to be available for iOS and specifically iPad OS.

It would cool to see this exist in the top menu bar, alongside the undo button perhaps? Alternatively, it could be great to see this implemented as a swipe – swipe left on the screen to navigate back and forth a la Safari, Chrome.


Yup, that’s one of the deficiencies of iOS compared to Android: the missing general-purpose back-button. I struggle with this in other iOS apps, too, not just in Dynalist for iOS.

This is an active issue for me. Seems it would be easy to put 2 buttons on the top bar.

Would this be hard to implement?