iOS stops responding to taps after indent

Steps to reproduce

Indent or un-indent an item using the toolbar buttons (on iPhone or iPad) or SHIFT+TAB (on iPad).

Expected result

Can tap on the screen to move the cursor or double tap to highlight text.

Actual result

The indented item stops responding to any taps.

Others items still respond to taps, and I can tap on another item and then tap back on the indented item as a workaround.


iOS and iPadOS 14.3.
Dynalist app 1.4.11.

I can repro, that is super weird… I’d bet it’s some kind of quirk with iOS (possible iOS 14).

Will try some things to see if it’s something we can fix on our end, but there’s a chance this is due to platform issues we can’t resolve. It’s understandably quite annoying though.

Thanks for confirming.

Yeah, I encounter it quite often, as I often use Dynalist to take notes, and that frequently involves indenting or un-indenting an item before I start typing. It took me a while just to work out how to reproduce it myself.