iOS APP User Custom fonts


I’ve been using Dynalist for a long time.

I’d like to request a feature when using the iOS app.

While the app supports font changes in settings, could you provide an option to choose from the fonts available on the user’s device or the user-installed fonts supported by iOS for customization? In countries where English is not the primary language, setting a font that is more visually appealing makes it much more convenient to use.

Therefore, many reading apps or note-taking apps support User Custom fonts selection.

(ex: )

It is my hope that Dynalist can also support this feature.
Thank you so much for always providing excellent service!
I’ll be looking forward to the good news. Always stay happy!

If you have pro you can use Google Fonts

Can I use my my other custom fonts instead of Google Fonts?

Yes you can use local fonts from your system like this

* {
    font-family: "Lobster";