iOS App - unable to select bullets when document > 5,000 bullets

Steps to reproduce

Fresh install of iOS app for iPad

I can’t move items (with drag-and-drop) without the UI crashing. Also, interface frequently freezes preventing any user input.


iOS 11.2.5, Mobile app version 1.1.22.

Hi @John2, thanks for reporting this issue!

iOS 11 does seem a lot more aggressive on limiting each app’s memory usage, and we’re investigating related app crash issues.

Does the document you’re working with happen to be huge?

If so, especially if you just imported all your data from somewhere else, we recommend breaking it down a bit (you can drag items to the left pane to quickly convert them into individual documents). Also when freshly imported, everything is expanded by default. That makes it more taxing on the memory.

Sorry about the inconveniences!

P.S. Also this seems like the same issue Dynalist on Iphone 7+ with IOS 11.0.3 hanging on startup

Hi Erica. I do have some fairly large documents, although I’ve tried splitting those up into smaller chunks recently. It used to be a single doc of 25,000 bullets; now that’s across 5-10 other docs. The issue seems to have rectified, but there are now other problems with usability in the app. I’m frequently not able to enter any text as tapping on the screen doesn’t result in a cursor (this happens after about a minute post-app restart).

Just to clarify the new problem: when opening the app I’m able to edit tasks as normal. However, after a minute or so tapping on a bullet to edit the text fails. I’m still able to access menus using taps. I’m using an iPad Air 2.

Nice to hear!

Ok, do you mind updating the title of this post accordingly so we can track it properly? Thanks in advance. We’ll try to repro this issue on our test device.