IOS App Speed and Syncing

Steps to reproduce

Launch IOS App

Expected result

Quickly open and sync and add a bullet point

Actual result

10-15 seconds to launch and Load
30 seconds to sync
5 seconds to enter a bullet point


Iphone 6
IOS 10.3.2

Additional comments

The IOS app has been launching slow and then takes a long time to sync. When it does sync and I can enter items, it is going slowly. It has not been running well.

The same issue was happening during the IOS Beta.

do you know what works???
I use the navigation in a web browser in the smartphone!
fast, and furious… (well, a lot faster than the app)
try Puffin Browser (dont know if its good on chrome too but maybe!)

I had the same issue during the beta and now. The sync is an item-by-item update of changes that generally takes between 30-90 seconds to complete, depending on how many changes have been made since the last time I opened the app.

@Shida has a plan to fix this soon. Right now changes are applied one by one, after the fix they should be applied at once.

Great. Thanks @erica and @shida!

Yep, we have a plan to fix this. Unfortunately touching anything that’s related to sync is not easy, as we’ll need a lot of time to verify that it works well before shipping it so that we can minimize potential errors that cause data loss.


Hi @John_Maxwell, sorry for digging this up :grimacing:! We’re cleaning up the bugs and would like to know if the bug is still happening to you? If not we’ll close this bug :slight_smile:

Hey Erica - I’m now thinking that the syncing was slow because of my bad cell reception where I am.

However, I have found that after I launch the app and it syncs and I attempt to move down the list, the app crashes. If I try to re-launch the app, I get the “No document is open” screen and it is very hard to hit the menu options to go back to my main document.

Sorry for the late reply!

That’s terrible… :frowning: Does it happen consistently, i.e. happens every time you launch Dynalist?