iOS app - new line bug

It doesn’t seem to be a particular key push or mouse push that is triggering it, more like the passage of time?

Just thinking here, this doesn’t happen to be the same bug as the Android version, right?
Too much of a coincidence that they’re happening around the same time.

I don’t think so.

Next time my bug happens, I’ll experiment moving the cursor into the middle of a word to see if it makes a difference, and to make sure its not an auto correct related issue.

Thank you!

I have also experienced this bug on iOS. I read this entire thread, and tried the suggested test of “middle of the word” vs. “end of a word”. I cannot seem to recreated the conditions leading to the bug, but it has happened at least 5 times to me over the last few weeks on iOS/iPhone. Hitting the ‘return’ key on the iPhone virtual keyboard causes a new line in the current item, not a new item with a bullet point. It can always be fixed with a killing of the app and restarting the app. It also seems that using a bluetooth keyboard vs. the iOS virtual onscreen keyboard makes no difference once the bug appears. I will continue to try to duplicate the lead-in to the bug.

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Is there any update about the investigation, and potential resolution? Feels like investigation and resolution of this bug, which multiple users have confirmed is not being progressed.