iOS app: How to get the row of icons at the bottom?

At one point I had a row of helpful icons at the bottom of the iphone app screen including a trash can, indenting, etc., and now they aren’t there anymore. How can I get them back?

Update: This issue is being addressed here:

If anyone knows how to delete my post, please reply here and tell me.

Hi there, no need to delete the post! I’ll just mark it as resolved.

As for the bug, it will be fixed in the upcoming version 1.2.1. Sorry about the inconveniences! We overlooked something small while trying to improve the app :grimacing:

Wonderful news about the upcoming fix. Thanks very much!

One more quick question: can you tell me your iOS version? Is it iOS 11 or lower than 11?

I’m on 10.2.1

Thanks a lot! That confirms our guess that it has something to do with how the system handles it different from iOS 11 and iOS 9/10. Thanks! The fix is coming very soon :slight_smile: