iOS 13 critical bug: inability to focus and edit

When you’re backspacing or entering text on iOS 13, you might start to lose ability to edit or items. If you tap on items in this state, you’ll see items being selected.

After a bunch of investigation, we finally found out why. It looks like a bug introduced by iOS 13’s new keyboard behavior. As you can probably notice, when you’re on an empty line, the soft Shift key is automatically held down for you, presumably so that you can type capital letters more easily. However, when Shift is held down, Backspace no longer works properly in Dynalist, and the Shift key is stuck. This, in turn, caused the inability to edit and also the multi-select issue.

We’re actively fixing it and the fix should be out in the next release. Since this is pretty broken behavior, we want to post a PSA about it so people know what’s going on.

Sorry about the inconvenience!