Insert Line Break on Mobile Impossible

It appears impossible to insert a line break within an item on mobile Dynalist.

In the iOS app, if you use the default Apple keyboard, you can press the SHIFT key, and then ENTER, which does insert a line break within the item – but, I use the SwiftKey keyboard, where this doesn’t work.

In the Android app, it appears to be impossible by any means. SHIFT followed by ENTER works neither with the SwiftKey keyboard, nor with the default Android keyboard.

Could this action (“insert line break”) be made available, perhaps, for activation for the newly customizable toolbar at the bottom? Thank you.

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True, I think the only convenient way might be by using Enter in the note (unconfirmed).

We can definitely consider this, as it doesn’t crowd the UI in any way.

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Thank you very much in advance, Erica. A toolbar button would be convenient enough for me.

Inserting line breaks within notes does work, but I typically need them within list items, not notes. And, if you copy & paste a note containing line breaks, the line breaks get deleted, and all the note contents get pasted as a single line. On the other hand, if you paste a multi-line note into Dynalist from an external source, it gets broken up into multiple list items…

So, I’m currently stuck on Android, with apparently no solution. On iOS, I can at least temporarily switch to Apple’s default keyboard and perform the SHIFT, ENTER combo in “emergency” situations.

This sounds a lot like this bug: Line breaks removed when copy-paste a note. If that’s the case, it will get fixed in the next update.

Great to know a mobile toolbar option would be enough. We can finally provide niche options on mobile without crowding everyone’s screens!

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Many thanks for the new “insert line-break” button in the mobile toolbar! A life-saver for me. :slightly_smiling_face: This issue is now therefore fully resolved.

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