Inconvenience when typing time: "All day" should be a placeholder

Steps to reproduce

  1. Type !.
  2. Select the desired date.
  3. Click on the All day input field, then start typing the desired time right away.

Actual result

The time is typed in the middle of the text, like this: All d16:10ay

Expected result

I expected the All day text to actually be a placeholder="All day"

  • So that an empty input box means the entire day.
  • So that typing a time automatically “replaces” the placeholder text.
  • So that deleting a time automatically falls back to “All day”.


Google Chrome (stable) on Windows. I’m pretty sure this can be reproduced on any system.


Agree it would be really convenient to auto-select everything in the text field once clicked. Will be in the next update!

Be careful, that can lead to terrible UX. I may click to edit the time, and instead of putting the cursor at the expected place, it would select everything.

Maybe selecting everything upon clicking/focus only if the text is All day.

But then… Why not just use the placeholder attribute? (And change the rest of the code to consider “empty string” as “all day”.)